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I am the author of PJS - Personal Job Scheduler, an end-user job scheduling system for IBM mainframes running z/OS or OS/390.


My primary GPG key has the following fingerprint:

58CD 1C50 1875 B9DC A06C 4A42 F497 1836 9031 D539

This GPG key can be downloaded from this site, or from most public key servers.


I am also an amateur photographer. Some of my photography is available for viewing here:
    My portfolio. Some of the better pictures I've taken over the years.
    Cruise to the Bahamas with the Hampton Roads Over-45 Singles,  October 2013

Or click here for a non-Flash version, for some smart phones and tablets
    A business trip to San Francisco, with an excursion to Point Reyes,  February 2013
    Oregon and Northern California,  August 2012
    Cape Lookout and Shackleford Banks,  October 2010
    My parent's 60-year wedding anniversary celebration,  May 2010

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